Flaws. We all have them, but how aware of them are we? I’ve always tried to search out my flaws, more then I’d ever see my success, and I don’t know what’s caused that, but I’d like to talk about that today. Normally I’d go ahead and talk to friends…

*Note, this writing is from the perspective of a non-religious university student, however I already follow a majority of Buddhism’s teachings through my own personal beliefs.*

My experience with religion

From a young age, most people grow up surrounded by religion. The only difference that we all have in terms of religion, is what…

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For a long I’ve been questioning what’s better for my future career, my traditional university learning, or the additional work I do outside out that. While this isn’t the topic for today’s entry, it does connect to the additional work I do.

For those new readers, I’m studying software engineering…

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In my last entry, I talked about the meaning of money, and the place it takes up in my life. I thought that did it’s purpose on the connection of wealth to my main goals, I feel like it didn’t give enough to the actual causation of that goal, happiness.

Why my main goal is so broad?


I’m a student who likes to write to understand my thoughts, or other topics better then I would have otherwise.

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